Monday, July 25, 2011

The lesser you care , th happier you'll be .

 Worse week , worse month , worse year of my life .
Broke down lots of times today . Its been really suckish . Really miss th times when we were younger . When everything seems to be so perfect . When we cry not because of stress , school or studies , just because you couldn't but your toy or even if you trip and fall . Everything would be fine in just a few mins , with a single piece of candy or even just a single hug .
Isnt tht great ? And we dont have t live this fucking suckish life of ours . Why am i even here in th first place ? Nothing seems t b going th right way . Nothing @ all . How i wish someone could just push me down a building and everything would end in just a few seconds . No more worries . No more . Nothing .
Feel like locking myself in th room everyday . Not listening t anybody . Doing nothing .
Sat @ th busstop just now alone , for quite some time . Thinking bout everything . What should i do . What should i have done .
Going t Xinmin was just a bad choice . A really Bad one .
I Really dont feel like going t school tomorrow . Can i ? 
I just hope tht tomorrow will be i better day for me . Everything will be fine . Wont it ?

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