Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sup ppl ! I know you guys miss me . Hahaha , kidding ~ Sooo , yesterday was awesome ! Went t Universal Studioooooo ! Hehehe . Not much of nice photos as my photos are taken in a rush . >< First up was Revenge of th Mummy @ Ancient Egypt ! Was mad fun yea ! Everybody is screaming like some crazy ppl . :B But th line was so super long . At least its constantly moving . Haha . :P This ride is definitely recommended ! :D Go try it for like a hundred times . :P 

Next , went t Sci-Fi City next t try out th Battlestar Galactica HUMAN first . (Red track) 5 stars !!! Hahaha . We're like over 14 storeys in th air and going @ 82.2km/h . Awesome ~!Th 'Q' was longg tooooo ! Cousin was planning t escape while lining up , but he failed . Hahaha . Saw Yuchan in th line too ! :P Look @ those scary twists and turns ! Still cant believe i was on thr once . LOL .

 After tt went t The Lost World next . Dint get t try anything as th 'Q' was like superrrrrr looooong . Have like wait for 2 hours ? LOL .

Far Far Away ~! It was super beautiful thr . :) Th potion shop was cute too . Haha . Thr was even a space for stroller t park @ , Cute much ! :) Went t watch th shrek 4-D adventure . It was quite interesting and all . It scared me a few times . haha .

Had our luch @Madagascar . Everyone was mad hungry thn . Lol . >< Food thr was Okayokay only la .

Holly wood and New York next . Watch Lights Camera Action . Was scary but it was super short . Lol . Saw some street dancers performing too ! Thy're Hot . Hahahaha .

Went back t Sci-Fi city and took th blue track ! It was like !$%&!$! It went upside down for 5 freaking times ! Hahah , Of course its recommended  , if you go t universal studio and did not try either th red or blue track thn you're really wasting your money . Haha . Got of th Roller coaster and was really giddy , Did not regret getting on it ! Wanted t play a few times more but thr isn't enough time . ): Back t Far Far Away for th enchanted airways , It was nothing compared t th blue track . Haha should have played this first . :P 

I guess that's all ? Hope i dint miss anything out . :D Universal Studio was actually quite small yea ? As we walked 3 rounds round it . LOL . But Its still awesome ! :D

Off t eat our dinner after that @ one vegetarian stall in tampines . Food is freaking nice thr . :D
It was a tiring day but fun too ! Would definitely go thr again if i got a chance . :D

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