Thursday, May 12, 2011

Its th last day of th exams ~! YAY . Okay , I dont even care bout th last two days of 'exams' LOL .Went out with Ilisia , Ashlyn , Jabelle , Xiuwen , Jiani , JingJing and Gladys today . Enjoyed my day with these ppl la ! Love them . :P
Went t IMM First . It was freaking farrrrr ! ): At least we got t sit down in th train . BUT , We walked from th mrt t IMM . Super tiring laaa ! We should have took th shuttle bus thr . ):Was far behind everyone else while walking thr . Hahaha . :P

 Headed t Cotton On first . Shopped around for awhile , Ashlyn and Ilisia was choosing th sunglasses . It took Ilisia 48126794 Yrs t decide on wad t buy . LOL . In th end , only Ashlyn bought it . Ilisia only bought 2 bangles . Hahahah ! Nice one . <:

 Headed t macs after thy bought their things . Went around IMM with Gladys , trying t find some nice stuff but found nothing . LOL . We went t Jurong east t have macs ?! Hahahaha . We're so cute . :P

 Bugis nextttt ! Shopped around and all . Me and Ilisia bought a wallet tgt :P , and everybody bought geek specs tgt ! Except Ashlyn as sh have it already . Like so cool only . Gonna wear it as a class some day . :P Just hope tt our class would have th class spirit yea ? :D

Pei-ed Jabelle t buy her ballet stuff and all . On th way thr met with one crazy uncle tt asked us lots of questions . Haha .That place was freaky toooo . ><  LOL . After tt made one whole big round back t th mrt . Was super tired when i reached hougang ! My legs are hurting like shit only ! D: LOL . Got nagged by my mum th moment i reached home . -.- Sucked .

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