Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today is another tiring and boring day . Had some fire drill today early in th morning standing in th disgusting mud in th field . LOL . Went back t class after tt and did some class board thingy with some girls while th others played whacko . After recess was Silat . Super tiring only la ! Must stay in th stance position for like dont know how many times and go Ha-Ha . LOL . Everyone was shouting in pain . Hahaha . Whole body was aching like hell only la ! Plus th muscle ache from mon's Dance . >< Went back t 206 classroom and watch a video . Was sleeping half way through th vid ;) There was still like a long time till sch ends after th vid and we had nth t do at all . LOL . dont understand why thy want us t stay in class th whole time like seriously -.-Walked t busstop with glad and headed home . Was watching Running Man till 8 plus 9 plus ! Awesome show yea , made me laugh like hell . :B Haha , a B O R I N G day indeed .
Gonna get back some results tmr ! Just hope that i wont fail any yea ? :X Arghhh , I'm gonna die . And thr's dance tmr ! Kinda looking forward t it but i guess i wont b able t do my splits . Hah .
K , i'm going t stop here as this post is getting way too wordy . :3 Hehe . Bye .
I realise some of my post dint get published but i remembered pressing th publish post button . ):
[Will add some random photos here tmr ! Heh . :3 ]

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