Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got back some of my results today ~ Its was average la , but of course I'm not happy @ my results . At least it dint spoil my mood for my whole day la . ;) Heh . Oh ya ! Gladys' new hairstyle is super cute only la . :D Hahaha ! Sh looked like a totally diff person . Cute max ! After sch went t buy solution for my contacts and all . ;) And headed t Ilisia's hse with Mich . Ate maggie mee , and den Ilisia's maid found a lil bird in th roon and showed it t us . It was super cute ! But we felt like we're being super cruel with th bird as we tied one string t prevent it from flying away . And guess what , it pooped on my hand while it was on my finger . -.- LOL . Failll ~ Good thing it was only a little bit . :D Took th pic from Ashlyn ;)
Oh and i got my contacts ! :D YAY . Cut my thumb while trying t open th contacts casing thingy with a pen knife . Super painnnnnn ! And thr was lots of blood . >< LOL . Managed t put in my contacts after a few tries . :P But me and Mich was like almost late for Dance and we rushed t school thinking of excuses t say . Hah . Dint get scolded in th end . :D Dance was awesome as usual . <: Will try t fill my posts with more photos next time yea ? (;

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