Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random pic of me . :B

Sooooo , had my english paper today yea ? (: It was kind of easy ? Lol , i'm just gonna fail this as every single time i find 1 paper easy or so , i'll score really bad for tt paper . :x Ohwell , lets just hope tt it'll b a miracle this time . :3 After school , headed t point t eat macs with Ashlyn , Gladys and Ilisia . Had an awesome time with thm ! Haha , Gossippppp ~ (Y)(Y) After tt i went t Ilisia's hse and both of thm headed home . Had lots fun with tt sucker la ! Love her ! :P Hahaha , oh and i found out something and its SUPER retarded only la ! Like Wtf -.- -.- -.-

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