Sunday, May 1, 2011


Went t mall in th afternoon and bought two pens and a foolscape . Home t study after tt . I studied okayyyyy . :B
Headed t my Ergu farm in th evening for a buffet for Melody's first month ? I'm not sure :x

Got this really cute cupcake ! Nobody knows wad animal isit . LOL , tiger ? Mouse ? <:

My super cute nephew ! Haha , dint manage t take a foto of Melody though , i'm afraid tt when i take a foto , sh might cry . LOL , but sh is super cute la ! Pretty too . (: Oh , and met my cousin there too , its been long since i last saw her ! Dint see her during CNY too , Chat with her for a long time bout 'our lives' . :D Had fun la . Awesome day . Will continue with th dedication noww ! <:

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