Sunday, April 17, 2011

160411 Heyo people , I'm like finally postiong again yea ? :D Hah , cant upload th photos on homecoming yet as yuchan is still unable t upload thm on fb , will upload once sh've uploaded them !(: Sooo, Joanne came over t my hse today t make some cards for th syf dancers (we are such awesome dancemate yea ? :D )as thy seemed so stress and all . Jiayou dancers ! Few more days okay ! (: Gold With honours ~~ ! (More fotos on fb)

Loonglong letters + 30 plus people ! Hard work leh !

Bought fruity pebbles and yoghurt . Awesomee ~(Y)

Ate dinner tgt @ my hse and pei her walk t her bus stop . I'm such a sweet friend right ? Hahaha , Kidding ~ Yea , Bye suckers .


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