Sunday, April 10, 2011

090411 Homecoming was fun but super tiring~ Took lots of foto with yuchan's cam , awesome cam ! I totally love it . Everytime whn i see it i'll snatch it from her . Hehe . :D But sh haven upload any fotos yet so , ya , lousy quality from my fone's cam . :D

After Homecoming , rushed home and went off t meet Chloe . Eh sucker , be touched okay ! I'm so tired already still pei you ! Haha . :D Trained t somerset and headed t flea . But dint buy anything . ): SAD . And further more it was raining super heavily and we had t buy an umbrella . LOL ! Waste my money only ! ): Took fotos in th toilet too . Haha . :D

My awesome leg and Chloe's awesome heels that i found it for her . Be glad tt i saw it man ! I'm jealous you know ?! LOL .

Reached home , ate while watching tv , and went t sleep @ bout 9.30 ? Was SUPER tired . woke up since 6.30am ! LOL .

Gonna post more fotos on homecoming once yuchan had posted it on fb ! (:

K Byeeee . And please remember t keep my formspring aliveeeeeeeee ! Love you guys ! :D

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