Saturday, December 7, 2013

Unplanned - Journey back

Okay so. O's are finally overrrr, which meansssss. FREEDOMMMM. WOOOOO.
Okay i'm sorry for not updating this space for quite a long time even after the exams are over hehe. But i have so many plans!! November end was basically rest days for me and i've been working for the past few days! This post has been in my drafts for damn long alr la hehe oops.

Back to part 4 of my post ahahah. Last alr okay! I promise i will TRY to update this space more often with diff kinds of pics!! I want all my readers to come back omg. Lost like 90++% of my readers. :(

Trying to achieve the creepy doll look but i guess it kinda failed LOL

What we normally do:

vs this:

And this chair hit my head lol stupid chair

More of us in our own world

Next post would be prom(?) Many of you guys want to see my prom pictures i guess cause on the day itself and the day after my blog stats literally shot up by ALOT. Hahah i'll try and update it soon okay!
Stay tuned~ xx

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Jorge Barceló said...

Amazing pics!