Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Facts about me

I shall start thinking about all the facts just in case one day i really have nothing to blog about i can post this.
(Seems like today's the day!!)

1. My full name is Joy Ng Yin Rou
2. My birthday is on 16 January!! Buy me presents okay :D
3. I'm 168cm tall and 4?kg. Hahah go guess la okay
4. I have 2 sisters Novem & Jean.
5. I'm 16 and my sisters always say that when i go out i look like i'm 20+ yrs old and look very chao lao lol wtf
6. I love my boyfriend very very muchhh.
7. Favourite colour would be Pink! Duhh
8. Favourite fruit : Mangooooooo
9. Favourite cartoon character: Baby pooh, Hello Kitty!
10. I prefer Dark chocolate to Milk/white chocolate
11. I like to dragggg my words alotttttt
12. I Looooooooove maccha. Love love love. I can have maccha ice cream/latte every single day omg
13. I Like to drink coffee/tea/fruit juice in the morning.
14. I used to not eat breakfast at all but now i guess i would eat a little??
15. I'm a super lazy texter lolll
16. I've joined before many many cca in primary school. Like Basketball, Badminton, Innovation Club,WeiQi, Dance, Guzheng ensemble, Chinese Orchestra Hahah i know right.
17. I'm more of the music/art person rather than the 'study' kind. Kinda obvious huh
18. I know how to play gu zheng, pipa, cello. But alr forgotten like 90% of the stuffs haha
19. My favourite sports is Basketballl!!!
20. I find it super hot when guys look super serious when the play sports hehe
21. It's kind of easy to scare me.
22. When i was doing this i realise i'm actually afraid of many things hahahah wth. For example clowns, cockroach, thunder/lightning either one or both lol, cats and many more. I cant think of anymore now
23. I'm sort of blind when the place is dark. So dont blame me for ignoring you or staring at you when you see me okay. Most probably the place is like dark for me and i dont even know what i'm looking at. Hahah sounds creepyy~
24. When it's dark i tend to overthink which makes me super scared of everything around me. What a retard hahah
25. I have sensitive skin and it used to be so bad that my face/body would have rashes once i go near fur animals. But now i would only get them if i use the wrong products or if i sweat and the place is stuffy
26. I kinda have a bad temper.. hmm
27. I've been blogging since 2008. Wtf that's like 6 years omgg
28. I Love blogging. Blogging makes me happyyyyyyy!!
29. I want a good camera soooooo badly.
30. I enjoy taking pretty pictures for my blog
31. Sometimes when i like certain food it's only for a period of time. I'm sort of picky when it comes to food. If i'm not craving for it i wont eat it!
32. It takes me forever to decide on what food i should eat
33. I'm fickle minded
34. I am superrr super super lazy. Sometimes i wouldn't even stretch out my hands to reach something for you. Lol
35. I always regret what i said a few secs after i've said it. LOL
36. I'd rather shop for pretty clothes than eat yummy food
37. I'm craving for my green tea latte now. shit
38. I'm damn forgetful. Once you interrupt my train of thoughts i would forget what i want to say.
39. I just found out that the $30+ heels i bought in Ny is actually branded. Cooooooool
40. I'd rather stay in a super cold place than a super hot one
41. I believe nobody is still reading up to this point. If you are..'re awesome. Hahah wth
42. I've only been to 1 concert and its Lady gaga's one!! THANKYOU DANIEL :D
43. I've been to New York, Australia, Batam,Malaysia
44. New york is still the no. 1 country i want to visit again and bkk would be the second. In fact i'm heading to bkk at the end of this year and i'm superrrrrrrr excited!! Maybe with Joanne somemore! :D
45. I love 2pm. But i would say i'm not a crazy kpop fan anymore! Sometimes i find those hardcore fan a lil scary..
46. Everything is so mainstream nowadays its kind of annoying to me
47. I actually scored 244 for my psle. 2 As and 2 A stars. Wtf happened to me lol
48. As you can tell my english sucks and my vocabulary is limited hahahah
49. But my favourite teacher is Mrs Goh my english teacher hahaha
50. Sometimes i like to sit at random bus stops if i need some time alone or when i dont feel like going home
51. I've rebonded my hair at least once every year since P6. That is why my hair is like dry grass now T.T
52. I like to paint my nails. I think i have more than 30 nail polishes haha
53. I've watched The Incredibles over 20+ times. Not kidding. I can literally memorise every detail of the movie hahah
54. I am very lazy to bathe all the time
55. Everything i do depends on my mood
56. I dont forgive people easily. If you really offend me, there's no way i'm gonna forget bout it lol
57. I speak mainly chinese at home. But in secondary school it seems like all my friends so ang moh one. Even my Boyfriend speaks english 24/7
58. I'm eating my yam bao now. Yum yum
59. Oh and i'm super good at keeping secrets. Cause i forget 90% of them hahaha.
60. I loooove essential! Best shampoo brand everrr
61. When i'm tired i would either be very quiet or i'll say lots of rubbish lol. But i wont talk much in the morningg
62. Okay i'm done


Anonymous said...

Who's your boyfriend?

JOY NG said...

Nigel! ^^