Sunday, June 16, 2013

Marche Restaurant

Wassuppp!! Last sat went out with Joanne and Nicole mainly cause It's been quite long since we went out tgt and Joanne wants to wear her newly bought blazer. I swear she looks like some OL la. And like we're her clients or smth. LOL xD
You may already read her blog bout this "atas trip" Haha. You may see lots of Joanne and Nicole in this post as I'm the one behind the camera. Thanks Joanne for lending me her cam! She happy i happy hahaha.

Okay so. Went Marche for lunch! It was my first time there and i would say the food there is not bad and superrr filling! Though quite expensive.. 

Actually photography are not allowed in the restaurant.. Many of the staff there told me but i just said sorry and continued taking pics elsewhere hahah lol.

Our crepe! This is super filling!! Even Joanne & Nicole says so. Which is like super rare hahah!

Some shredded potato thingy. Nicole said it was Potato skin at first ahahahah!
And the lavender lemonade is a must try!! I loveee it. Like the taste of lavender comes after the lemonade which is weirdly nice. Feels like you're drinking lavender perfume. Okay that's not the best way to describe it HAHA. And the taste is super strong too! Although i would say it doesn't really help at the quenching thirst part. But still nice!
Hahahahah joanne what you lookin at?!

This 2 ah. Eat until damn glam i tell you.

My nails for for last week! It dint last very long cause of art.. Current nail design is similar thoughh

Went to Maccha House next to have my maccha ice creammmmm .In fact i ate maccha ice cream yesterday and the day before too. Hehe i love maccha ice creammm.
Oh and but the cone one if you're there!! The cup one the give lesser. HAHALOL

Joanne showing us how she pose for camera when she's young:

Cannot maintain one this girl Hahahahahha

Super cute pencil case at typo!!
And my new mug from typo!! Damn prettyyy.
You may not know this but my house have endless supply of mugs cause my mum used to collect them.  And she scolded me for getting a mug lol..
I apologise if this post is kind of lag cause of the Gifs. :/

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