Monday, June 10, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Wasn't as fun as i thought it would be actually. Mainly cause this year there isn't much game stall! All food plus most dont seem appealing to me haha. But good job to 06 peeps!!! Especially those whole stayed for 2 shifts inside that freaking hot classroom.

 This girl like my xiao mei sia cannot stand it.

 This machine like damn cool lor!! I want to buy it so that i can make my snow cone everydayyy

 The moment they mentioned that Mr singh is gonna get dunk the whole freaking school ran to watch lolol. Damn kuazhang!

 Spot the 2 ghost hahahah!

 Jasmine too cute to be ghost alr omg

 Hahahah this damn funny. The moment we have break the ghosts immediately took their cup noodles and started eating there. Damn funny hahaha. Okay maybe its just me lol

 Mr zhuang came to our haunted hse too!!! He was like damn scared and kept shouting hahaha. See Yue Er laugh until like that!

 Forever looking so odd one out in my class photo omg cannot stand it.

 Philbert so cute hor

 And last but not least our class guys helped the cleaner aunty to sort of pack the dustbin. Aww so nice of them!!
 Second last outdated post la okayy. Hehe

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