Friday, May 31, 2013

NewYork Day8 - Haul

Finally at my last New York post!!! Yayyyyy!! Blogging about Ny makes me miss it sooooo much. Like how i wish i could just fly there now and live there forever. And ofc i missed the times spent tgt with my beloved dancers la. Aww i miss everything. ):

Okay sooo, Day 8! Last day in Ny cause basically 2 days of our 10 day trips are spent on a plane! This post wont have any nice picture la cause i'm like taking everything i see cause its the last day there hahah. 

The toilet of our room was kinda flooded so this is how Joanne brush her teeth in the morning. Hahahha.

Reached the Airport super early so we have lots of extra time!! i was like trying to spend all my money there cause heard that it wasn't really worth it to change back to sg dollars. Some of the girls did manicure! I believe my bling bling was nicer. Hahahah kiddinggg

Oh and while i was in Ny my dajie went to bkk too!! Can imagine how happy was novem and my mum right. Having the whole hse to themselves without any "disturbance" hahaha
Dint take all the things she bought as she was too lazy to pack them nicely to let me take picture. Lolol. Here are some of the socks she bought!! All so cuteee
And here's what i bought!!! Kinda regretted cause i think that i spent my money on the 'wrong' things actually. But oh well!!! I'm still veryvery happy!!!! And almost all of the chocolate i gave them away. I thought i bought sufficient for everyone but while i was arranging it i realised i bought like wayyyyyy too little. :/

This is me trying to take nicenice pic of my vogue magazine LOLLL
Super super cheap make up products i bought!!!! SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE OMG. Like seriouslyyyyy. All the elf products are just like 1-3 US dollar omggg. And Eos lipbalm at only 3 or 4. Damn wasted right i know. I think i wasn't in the right mind then cause i was too overwhelmed by everything loll

2 items from Macy's, one from roadside stall and the rest from F21!
Luck Penny Keychain for my Chloeeeee. Fossil wallet for my Sis for her birthdayyyy. And she was like telling me when i was in Ny she went to the Fossil shop and thought of getting one wallet for herself also, heng she dint buy!! I think we are really telepathic sia. Hahahha.
Ok that's all for my Ny trip!! Really hope there's a chance for me to go back Ny laaa. My boyfriend said he would bring me there once he saved the money but it's gonna take a long time hahaha i wait la okay!!! :D And thank you Derrick Uncle for paying part of my Ny tripppppp!!!! Though most likely you're not gonna see this. Hahaha

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