Saturday, May 11, 2013

NewYork Day 6 - Hershey's Chocolate World

YAY HI IM BACKKK. Hahaha finally. You prolly think 'Wa Joy your Nyc trip so last year, still got Christmas tree one' 'Your blog so outdated ' Okay at least that's what my sis said lol. But oh well! I'm still gonna post it!!!

Ok so i'll try my best to rmb what happened. Hahah

9 cups for the 4 of us. I think i took the most cups cause i dont really eat much for breakfastt

Forever camera-ready one this girl.
And we saw snow!!!! Okay snow flakes to be exact but omg the snow flakes are just too cuteee. Like tiny little pieces of paper cut-outs falling from the sky.Too bad my camera cant focus on it. ):
Hershey's Chocolate Worldddd!!! Its heaven for Chocolate Lovers. Caught a 3D show first!

Snapped some items that they are selling there.

Hahahahahha cute Mr Tang. xD
And its time to make our own chocolate bar!!! We get to choose everything that we want! Like the base chocolate, toppings, design our own packaging. So cool rightttt

Checkout the laser in action!!!

After that we went on some tour around the factory. Yet to figure out whether all those chocolate are real or not. Too much choco to be real. Haha. Few pics only cause most of them are blury!

Our buffet dinner once againnn

First time see Joanne so focused on doing something hahah.

Okay that's it for my Ny Day 6!!! I miss NewYork so so so muchh. So gonna go back there someday. 
Oh and i'll try my best to keep this space aliveee. Stay tuned!!  :D

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