Sunday, October 28, 2012

We are Champions

I know, cute title lol but ya, won champion for the basketball interclass games! Very unexpected rightt~ Even my sister doubt me lol. Our class boys came in 2nd for handball too! Captains ball team dint win anything but its okay!! We're all Champions rmb?? Hahahahah.

Last day of school (sortof)

(randomly inserts a pretty pic of the sky)

Short "shopping" trip @ Clarke Quay & Somerset with Joanne and Tiffany on Tuesday.

Buys of the week!!!! The unicorn/pony top supposedly belong to my sis but after trying it on she hates it so i guess its mine now hehehe.
The blue dress and the shades are the ones that i'm wearing in my header!
So cute righhhttttt!!!
And i finally got myself a new pwiddypretty wallet after using the old one for like 1-2years. So in love with the new one *.*