Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long time no see

Yay hello everybodyyy! Yes i'm finally blogging again after sooooooo damn long! Stopped blogging due to the exams and i've been so busy with idk what either lol!
Okay so, I'm back with a total new skin and a new url!!! Oh god finally. Been wanting to change it since 87654134 years ago. But i know this url isnt that good either laaa. But its like the best that i can think of for now hahaha. Dont judge.
And at least i'm happy with my skin after spending like so many hours editing everything. You're gonna see me up there ^ for quite some time cause i bet i'll be too lazy to change it oftenly. Hahalol

OK. I hate wordy posts. SO. 

For our post exams activities this year we had some pet rocket thingy, which is not fun at all. It's only a little bit more interesting towards the end cause we get to shoot bottles up into the air and surprisingly it really can flyyyy.

Ending off with 2 pics of valerian. LOLLLLL

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