Friday, August 3, 2012

Ocean Spoon

Went out last sat!
 Ootd! Studded top and vintage polka dot skirt! Smart of me to wear a skirt on a windy day. Lol.

Bought some stuffs! Most of them are floral! ^^
 Dinner with mummy & derrick uncle after that~

 Food there was... soso and the service there quite bad. Lol. Maybe we went at the wrong timing as they say that the restaurant was really busy on that day!

 Pasta was a total disappointment..

 Apparently , there's a mini crab somewhere in this photo. But i dont see it. Lol

 Mum being drunk as usual. Hahahaha. She's gonna kill me if she sees this on my blog.

 And i realised that i my post always have awkward endings .. LOL bye.

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