Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flag Day

Flag day last sat with dancers!

Went Amk and smart Joanne and i went to stand between the mrt station and bus stop and our tins was SUPER heavy. Proves that Singaporeans have a heart too! And many of them auto come up to me one!
 Sentosa celebrating their 40th birthday! And the moment the person mentioned the word free..
 a huge crowd would appear after like 1 min. Haha! #typicalSingaporeans
Little girl being forced to take a picture haha!

 Saw this 'advertisement' on the bus. Come, i help steven advertise also. LOL

 Mich's pretty phone cover and my cam's sparkle effect! Sooooo Bling~~

 Dinner/shopping with Derrick uncle and mummy after that!

 A pretty pic of mummyyy!

Red ruby for dessert and Green tea and Chocolate Gelato for our after dessert dessert. Yummmm.

Bought 2 items @ $2!!! Super worth it. Brandnew hw skirt and hw jeans!!!!
 And i bought pretty stickers which i found out have no use at all... Lol.. Oh well!

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