Sunday, July 1, 2012

Syf Opening Ceremony (2)

Almost one whole week of rehearsals! Skipping lessons and spending most of our time at the Indoor stadium. Tiring but fun!

(Photo credit to jingru!)
Okay, so we were really bored while waiting for our turn to perform and i found out that Charlene's phone have Camera360 !!!!!!! Super awesome!!!!!! Next few pic credit to her!!! But some pic i take one ok. Hahalol.

Regent sec! They are SUPER friendly i swear!! Bonded alot during the last few days~ Maybe cause both our school ppl abit siao one. Hahahahah :D
Cute & yummy gummy Claudia bought!!!!

Crew hanging back the cloth thing for us to catch. Loll!!! The reaction for everyone is the same the moment it drops. Everyone was like 'Woahhhhhhhhhhhh~~' HAHA

Snapped a few pictures for art while waiting for our bus to come ~

Okay i know i look sucky here but its the only picture taken with my super cute partner!!!!! ): So lucky to have such friendly partner la!!!!!! Andand Regent sec have lots of pretty girls!!
The finale was super emotional for everyone. Everyone went crazy and went around hugging random ppl that made eye contact. Hahah.

I miss everything alr. ): Such good memories~

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