Sunday, July 22, 2012

Racial Harmony Day

Celebrated Racial Harmony Day on Friday! Oh and i bought a new cameraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! ^^ Teehee. Its a really pretty white camera! :D:D:D After drama night i was like thinking of getting a new one which can take better quality photos in the dark and just nice there was an IT fair!! I guess my pink camera will get neglected very soon. Hahahah. Will post a picture of it soon! -^.^-

 04 guys~ KiatHwe looks like a bamboo.

 You can like imagine captions for everyone in this photo and it'll be real funny. Hahahaha.

 Edrick's teeth so white one LOL.

 Guys being guys....

LOL this one damn funny. According to them its the terrorist smile i think. Hahahahhaha!

 The blingbling effect was from my camera! Cool right!

 The guys' reaction omg hahahahahahhaa.
 And Valerian can actually do a bridge wtf.

Ok, my mum's being a bitch now. Naming all those ridiculous excuse wtf. Just admit la, think i stupid isit? -.-
Whatever. Follow me on instagram kkkk!!!

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