Thursday, July 12, 2012

Golden Unicorn

Flea again last sun with Joanne!!! Bought like 30+++ items for $80+ !! Damn happy you know. And the average was $2 this time round! Heheeee. ^^ I even bought stuffs from Wonderstellar , shopfairest , f21, diva, bossini(LOL), modparade, om, cotton on and even guess!!!! All at only $1-$6 !!!!! -^.^- 
I love ma unicorn topppp~~ *.*
And i got some free items tooooooo! The people there damn nice!
SEE THIS RING. I swear i saw it on the guess webpage la! I got it for only $1.50 sia wtf. And stupid Joanne got a dream catcher necklace for only $1. Wthhh. I swear i hate her alot at that moment la. $1 sia!!!!! LOL. I know you're reading this. You suck. Hahahahah. Just kiddingg~~ :D :D :D :D :D But i still want the necklace LOL.
Durian & ice cream after that! ^^

Went out with Ashlyn & Cindy on tue! Was supposed to buy shoes for drama night but we cant find anyy. T.T Bought necklaces instead!!

And this two snacks as well~
I'm still deciding on what to wear tmr for drama night. One of them is too common, the other is too sweet for me and the last one like abit plain. Sighhhhhhhhhh. How?!?!?!?!?!

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