Sunday, June 10, 2012

Busy me is busy.

Story of my week!
I created A gifboom acc today and made lots of gif in a day. Like 5-7? Haha, ikr. Its so fun and i was too bored ~~!(Follow me @fluffyyluff!)

Had dinner at chompchomp some time back ! food was..... okok only. :/ I think my mum ordered from all the wrong stalls lor. Hahaha.
and we had the best sesame & green tea ice cream for our after dinner dessert! The sesame one was SUPER good!!!! Better than some of the restaurants one!
Go try ok!! Its newly opened i guess!

And my sister cut her hair reallyreally short that night the moment she came home. Really siao one. Just take some random scissors and started cutting. I can never do that man! I think i'll just cry for the next few months after cutting my hair. HAHA.

And  the best part of the week is that i spent the whole week in school for our wall mural project thingy.

We're about 80%(?) done and we had sooooo much fun! Will post more pictures when we're done okay! Dont want spoil the whole surprise thing. Haha!
AND !!!!!!!!! My mum gave me the Cutest earring ever and i was so damn freaking happy on that day!!!!! Hahalol. CUTE RIGHT WALAO. Blingbling somemore. HAHAWTF.

As for today ~~~
My mum dragged me to a job interview the moment i woke up and i drank the wangwang milk thingy. LOL
And yes , this is how i look today. I swear i can never feel good in t-shirt and shorts. :/
And i treated myself to some heavenly green tea chocolate today after the looooong week. ^^

Holidays have never been holidays. So occupied with manymany things. Sigh.

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