Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogshop festival

Went back to school on fri to finish up our wall mural! Mine still not done anyway. Lol.
 Not bad la hor!!! Both of my sisters said that the woman on the wall looks weird/not nice , but guess what. Everything was drawn by me except for the woman. Hahahah. Mr yam drew it in pencil and i outlined it exactly. Blame it all on Yam ~~~ Hahahahah. :P
 Last day with mr one/wan / mr artist / martist !!!!! Awww we'll miss him so much. I bet he'll miss us too. Haha!
 Went to the blogshop festival on sat !!

 It was freaking crowded and i dint even managed to see what's on sale for qiuqiu's flea . ))))))); SO SAD RIGHT. And my main point was to get the gold skirt. Screw that person who got it. LOL Kidding.
Dint get much item though. :/ I dint even like walk finish the whole thing la walao. Got to rush off for workk. ): But i saw QiuQiu , Kiyo , and Eric!!!!!!!! Omg . Qiuqiu was like a superstar there , Kiyo was SUPER nice and friendly and Eric was damn hottttttttt *.* Yutaki wasnt there when i was there. Awwwww. :/
 Everything is below 10!! Me & Claudia only aimed for stalls with cheapcheap stuffs :P But not bad la. Got branded ones and some are bnwt !!! Got an ASOS long sleeved top/dress for only $2 !!!!!  But it dont fit me so i sold it to my friend. Hahaha. And yes. I got myself another pair of black highwaist shorts. Lololol! 
But nehmind la, this one got pretty floral designs on it. Hehe.

Went out today with mummy and my grandmaa!!!

 Bought pretty&cute stuffs !!! I'm so happy . ^^
But school starts tmr. Meh. #turnoff

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