Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good friday

Loveeee my ootd !! ^^ Its a good quality piece and i got it at a cheap price cause there was some small lil defect on it . But who cares ! It still looks perfectly fine to me ! Hahahah . 

Caught Wrath of the Titans in 3D! Wanted to watch the Hunger Games but its sold out . :/ Not bad though , worth the $$ ~ But not recommended for those who gets scared easily . I almost died . 3D somemore wtf . LOL . 

Kim looks so cute in her outfit !!

According to Cindy she looks like a snowball while i think she looks like a polar bear . Hahaha . 

Baby poooooooh !! ^^ <3

This freaking thing cost $50 . The person who buys it must be really crazy , or really rich . Lol . 

Shall do my hw & stuffs for the whole day tmr . Sigh .

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