Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation

Last saturday was the finals for CNOS ! Was supposed to study for our mye but me and Cindy went out instead . Hehe . But totally dint regret !! Saw sooooo many bloggers ! Qiuqiu , Rachell , Peishi & more !! They're sooooo pretty rl! Noah was there too and i swear he's damn cute laaaa . <:

Kitty on a spaceship & Noah performed Singapore Typical Parents part 2 ! Damn funny ahahah .

Oh and they won too!! Congrats !!! (:

Here's a picture of Cindy and Noah with his vita soy . 
Bought a few pairs of new earrings as well! 1 of them got confiscated. Cheh.

Study date with Cindy and Joanne on Sun ~~

Punggol is so damn ulu only la. You'll only see one person walk pass in like 30mins or so . Lolol.
But its a good place to study !! 

Bad hair day .

Cooked our own dinner @ Cindy's hse ! (:
And btw Picnik closed down !!! :( Been using picnik since like forever . I'm trying to get used to the new editing web i'm using! :/

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