Friday, March 2, 2012


Xinthesis is tomorrowww !! Are you guys exciteddddd ?!? :D I AM !! :D :D :D And super nervous too wtf . Appreciate it okk !! 1 whole week of dance leh . Can die like seriously . Legs gonna break soon . 


 Plmgs' canteen sells cool stufffff . Totally diff from our own school .
 Looks freaking tasty right !!!!! And the portion of the food and all is huge compared to ours . Lolol . 

 Eating my late dinner nowww . Plain rice with just the super awesome japanese sprinkle thingyyy ! ^^

Oh and dont look at me tmr ok . I'll look super weird and i dont wish anyone to regconise me . Even if you do , act like you dint see me ok . Hahahah . I purposely never post the pics of my costume one ! K bye . Wish meh luck tmrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

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