Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentines Day .

An outdated post ! Here are some of the presents I've got on Vday ! Make me feel less Foreveralone on tht day . Lolol !

 See this Jingyi . Last min do card , In front of me somemore . Tsk . But at least better than me la , i dint even give anything to my friends and i feel damn bad about it . I thought i wont be receiving anything on tht day so i dint bother to do anything . Lol . :X

 If you read my 2008 posts , you'll get it la ok . Dont laugh . I'm cute . <:

 Super shock tht this was from Ilisia ow . So sweet sia she . Not bad . 

My belated bd present from her ~ 
(More on the next post ! )

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