Saturday, February 25, 2012

Osf clothes buffet !!!

Heeellloooooooo !! :D Went to Osf clothes buffet today ! Was like damn excited the whole time laa ! And in the morning i like spam texting alot of ppl , asking thm if they want t pei me go cause that stupid Chloe dk last min wht happen to her ! TSK . So in the end i went with Cindy & Ilisia ! I waited @ the inter for them for 1 hr sia . Waliewww . 

 Was sweating like mad while waiting t go in !Imagine how i look like with my fringe pinned up and digging for nice clothes there . Totally unglam ohgod . But everybody also same la , so nvm . Heh . 
 And its kindof different from wht i expect la . Managed to snap a few pics before going off ! (: AND WE TOOK PICS WITH TAMMY TOOOO . ^^ (Not gonna post it as i look like shit in the photo wtf. )

 And can you believe tht Ilisia claims she cant find anything that is nice or suits her there ?? Like seriously ... -.- . She really siao alr la . 

 Went to mac with cindy and we talked alot ! About super random stuffs . And cindy said tht there's one time she accidentally throw lead or something into her ear and she thought she would die . Being a super nice sister , she went to do that to her two younger siblings so that she wont die alone . Beware of Cindy man ! She might do something tht will kill all of us too . Hahahhahahaha . 

 Me and Cindy with our awesome stuffs . Hehehehhehe . Regret if you dint come ok . Dont jealous . <:
OOTD ! (:
Here are my awesome buyssssssssssss . Hehehhehe . Me so happyyyy . ^^

Everything for only $30 . Awesome or what huh ?! Like 10 items ?! Got some never take pic cause like look weird in photos ..

This "2-way" super chio Bag for $10 !!!!!! Soooo freaking happpyyyy . Its super easy to match and can bring to school somemore sia !
So awesome . ^^

I actually did a vlog about today . It was like super fun and cool to do a vlog i swear ! But i still dk whether to post it or not la . Cause i look super retarded and all la . Hahahahaha . Comment on my formspring on whether i should post or not ok !!! ^^

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