Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Yearrr !

Happy Chinese new year everyonee ! 
Here's my outfit of th dayyy ! Got th vintage feel ! I like . (Y) HAHA .

I love the collar of my top sia ! So cute . :B


 I got bored while waiting for the pictures to upload and decided to edit some of my pics ! Used mostly the same effect cause i only like those two . Lol !

 Our awesome shoeeeees ! ^^ 
 Isnt it cutee ? ^^ Looking forward to wear the other shoe i've got for tmr (as in today ) !! How cute can a red shoe get ?!!!

 Here are some photos of the super epic moment in the car !! 8 ppl squeezing in the car and trying to take pictures at the same time . Hahahahahahah !! :D Likeacool only ! 

Will post again soooon ! <3

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