Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All i want for Christmas is you ~

Kopi+kaya toast+ half boiled egg to start off my Christmas morning !

Went indoor stadium next for Christmas service . LOTS of ppl there ! Good thing we dint reach there too late . (:

Super huge and cooooool . 
Outfit of the day ! My Christmas dress + my sister's super cute cardi tht i regretted not seeing it first ! LOL .
And ofc my leopard clutch !! -^.^-
Went to cousin's hse for Christmas party after work !
Super cute nephew and niece !!!!

And i dint know cheese have so many flavours now . LOL . :X

Play with style yo !

And its presents timeeeee !!

Christmas card from me and novem a few years backk !! Cute right :D

One of my presents is ....
and its a super cute thumb drive !!!
The box matches with my nail polish too ! Haha :D

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