Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday ChloeTannnnn ! ♥

Town with th birthday girl todayy ! Dint buy alot of things but i really did spent alot ! And ! I bought platform shoesss.  ♥.  Hehhehh . So gonna buy more next weeeek !!
 Okay . Hi babyyyyy ! Happy Birthday ! I love you la ! Hope you've enjoyed your day with me (I know you love being tgt with me , you're just too shy t admit it . <; ) HAHA ! Good luck in yr life la ok . And take care of yourself plsss ! Very important okay ! Must make our friendship last very long okk ! Our 9th yr coming alr leh ! Ikr . Its so freaking-lish cool only . Feel free t call me anytime ok ! Any probs or wht i'll run up yr hse with my super-cui-at-home-look . LOL . I'm a nice friend . (;
LOTS of memories with youu ! Dint really argue with you before righttt ! Except for those childish one and today for tht freaking shoe for half an hr . HAHAHA . And i love being retarded with you la ! I know i'm cute . :B
Nah ! Here's your present ! A picture of th double chocolate i drank earlier on since you dw th KitKat i gave t you . ):
NO LA . KIDDING . I still owe you your present okkk ! Pay for th shoe not counted la . Like tht not fun plus i feel damn guilty for not really celebrating your bd with you lehh ! How can dont buy presents for you ahhh ! So ya , idc ok . I'm getting you presents . <; Heh . You better read this post and reply t wht i posted on yr wall ok . Dont care other ppl la . :D

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