Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Diy <;

Brownie tht my mum baked ! Brought some for dancers today . <;

And my new nail design ! Trying out th new nail polish i bought and i dint bother t change th hello kitty as i cant think of any other designs . Hahaha !
 Th 2 $20 nail polishh ! Gosh , i need t control myself and not spend so much alr . :/
 And ya , was bored @ home and decided t cut one of my dress ! Since its like totally very ugly with th sleeves on . 
Idk why my phone's cam is not focusing well . :/
Tadaaa . End results ! :D

 Not bad hor ? Hehe .
 I've been wearing and buying lots of headbands lately as i am really lazy t do anything about my irritating hair . Gonna rebond it reaaaaal soon . Really buey tahan alr la ! So mafan one . -.- 
This headband is actually tht piece of cloth tht i cut out . LOL . Reuse material leh . Not bad . :P

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