Thursday, November 17, 2011

Class Chalet :D

Hi . This is actually my 389th post ! Cool right ! I'll be blogging about class chalet !
Went giant with Kimberly , Jingyi , Gladys , and her parents t buy some of th items for th Chalet ~
 Sorry for th lousy quality pics okay ! I gave up taking pics thr as th lighting sucks .

 Mr ang , his wife and his son came ! His son is like so cute only lor ! Dint get t take a pic of him cause my phone's cam is like so super slow only ):
 Kiyoshi made cards for all of us ! So sweet ~ Hahahahah !

 Everybody left except for me , Gladys , RuiQin , Marcus , Edrick and Philbert . And , Mr koh came ! Like finallyy ~! Haha ! 
We played daidi and we have t eat a number of fishballs according t th number of cards left with you if you lose as thr are alot of fishballs left . Poor me and Glad have t eat like 12+ Fishball . LOL .

 Played cards , Gossiped , Ghosts stories etc throughout th night with th 6 of us and Mr koh ! Got t know many shocking things from Mr Koh ! Like , really shocking . HAHA ! And everybody shared secrets ! Super fun and awesome only lor ! Regret if you dint stay over k . Hahahahah :D 
Mr Koh left early next morning for a meeting , Edrick went for training and i dint go for work next morning , hehe .
Bbq-ed left over food for our breakfast ~

 Philbert look exactly like a satay man over here . Hahahah !

 A huge amount of $30 fried rice left and its spoilt ! Waste of money lor !
 My belt . Hehe , love it :D

 Marcus & Philbert super disgusting "soup" . 

 And i cant believe i tasted it . Wtf . Lol !

 Went t Gladys' hse next ! Was supposed t rest and all but we played Daidi and gossiped instead . :D
 And i swear Philbert is th most entertaining person you can play cards with like seriously ! Hahahah ! He can even say he pass for 3 diamonds . First card leh ! HAHAHAHA ! Look at his funny/blur face below . HAHA ! And he lost alot of money t all of us . :D

 Their last card . FAIL :D

Headed home and went straight t sleep at about 5pm til 11am next morningg . Had lots of fun for this awesome class chalet ! Cant wait for th next one . :D
Dance later and i'm getting my nail DIY stuff ! Yayyyyy ! :D Look out for my awesome nails okay ! If i succeed in using thm la . HAHA .
A very blur class photo on class Bbq ! Photo credits t JingYiiiiii (:

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