Friday, October 14, 2011

He's climbing your window~!

Posting about yesterday ~! This post is going t be a long one and filled with lots of pictures !
Had post exams activities , inter-house games first and guess wht ! Scorpion won ! Surprisingly . Haha ! But ya , my whole body is aching today ):
Went t Singapore Art museum Next ! Was quite cool and interesting uh ~

Th really big and cool lift tht we took ! Ilisia said tht it looks like something from final destination 5 . HAHA !

Marcus' self potrait :

Some kind of paper stamp i think ?

Okay . This is Amanda heng and sh is really scary :/

First few of her works are still okay la .

Until we came t this section of th museum . :/ Thr are even nude photos of her la like seriously . And all her 'art works' like so weird one .

After tht we watched a video of her . Its really freaky okay . First , sh starts scrubbing a piece of raw meet with some red liquid for dk wad reason . Thn , dipping some photographs into th liquid and pasting it on th wall .

And , Sucking some fake notes and then 'shooting' out of her mouth ._.

Thr's even a man chopping a piece of meat continuously for her :/

It was said tht sh'll go naked in th video too . Good thing we left early . HAHA . I mean like , sh does these for a living ah ? LOL !!!
K , I'm done with this post ! 
Th awesome one .

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