Saturday, October 22, 2011

Benji Pet kennel ~

Back at Benji t work today again ! (:

Benji is also advertised on a magazine ! :)

Andand , it would be so boring thr without these 3 cute dogs accompanying me throughout ! 
Kitt ! Sooo cute righttt !!

 Berlie th largest dog thr !
Dint get t take a pic of Germie though ! And i swear tht these days dogs' live are like so shiok only ! Their snacks/food ranges from bbq smoked chicken t yogurt drops ! And th prices are like a few times more than wht we spent on our food !
 And thr are still quite some animal lover who are willing t spent thousands of dollars on cat/dog food than t spent those money on thmselves ! Like .. seriouslyyy ..?
And we have our own good lives by drinking pure water . How awesome  . HAHA !
Tiring day ! Working tmr toooooo . 

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