Friday, August 26, 2011

The world is filled with beautiful things like you .

Yayy ! Thr's lots of photos today ~! (:
 Was so bored after school !
 Cabbed t Punggol marina after school t look for people with Ashlyn and Michelle ~ And guess wad , A lady paid th cab fees for us ! Cause sh say we are still students . Hehe , so nice right ? :D

 Th place was quite ulu ah ! Dint know thr was such a place @ first . Haha ! But th scenery thr not bad . :D

 Not bad right ? Haha . :D Snapped many photos ~

 Reached home @ bout 7 plus ? (:
 And hor , Michelle ah Michelle . Dont be so super sad over such a guy like him alright ! Its totally not worth it @ all . It really breaks my heart whn i saw you crying so hard today you know anot ah ?! Thr are still lots of guy tht are like 100 times better den him leh ! Sorry if i make him sound so bad . Lol . And thr are still manymany friends of yours tht love you ! (Like me :D ) We'll b thr for you no matter wht happens . And ! Dont think too much alrd okayy ! It may be a misunderstanding or wad and ya , forget him le la ! Move on . <; Must smile like th pic above everyday okay ! I know i suck at cheering ppl up but ya . Love you ! <3

One last thing ! Hehe , CHLOETAN . Soooo sorry bout today okay !! :/ See you tmr baby ! Hehe . Love you tooooo ! <3 <3 :D

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