Sunday, July 3, 2011


Heyloooo . I'm gonna skip friday's post ! Just know tht i went t watch th vb match and saw some cute guys . Hahaha . <: Okay , so today went over t Ashlyn's condo for Drama ~

 We dint do anything much though , slacking thr . Haha .

 Ashlyn is like super happy over this message ! Haha , cant see it ? Too bad . <:
After like reading th script for 2 times th guys went over t th playground and started playing blind mice . Haha , i swear tht thr's lots of epic moments man ! Especially Wesley . Hahaha . 

 And Celeb is super cute only la ! ;D
Oh and i went home early as i wanted my mum t fetch me . Hehe . 
Going out with Chloe tmr ~! <: And i'm currently painting my nails black . :B Hehe , too boreddd !!

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