Friday, June 10, 2011

YOZ . Went out with Chloeeeee ~!
Went t plaza Sing and wanted t watch movie but we dint have enough money soooo , walked  headed t macs firstt ~
Drank Coke floatt ! Regretted tough , i want milkshake . Hahaha , walked around after thattt ~!
We went in this superrrrrrrr cute shop called character + deisgn . Awesome only la ! Me and Chloe were like " Omggggg ! This is super cute only laaa !!" Hahahaha 
We both bought one notebook and and a pen . I'm so gonna go back thr and buy more stuffs ! Haha . (:

Shopped around for a lil while more and trained t Chloe's hseee ~! Ohohoh , and i saw my cousin . Hehe . During th whole train ride was super epic eh ! Saw a bunch of cute lil kids ! Me and Chloe was like laughing th whole time . Keke , super cute la !

Slacked @ Chole's hse and was stalking ppl on fb . Hahaa . :D 
Pei-ed her t buy her dinner and went homeee ~
My butt is so cute . HEHE . :D

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