Monday, May 30, 2011

Went out today again ~! Went t Ilisia's house after th maths remedial , helped her t choose wad t wear during Xinfony . Haha , Sh look so cute in heels la ! ;D Bused home and prepared and all . Was rushing all th way ! Ate my cup noodle in 5 mins . \m/ Trained t clarke quay and spammed photos ! (;

 Chloe's super cute owl ring ):

 Th Mrt Station's toilet is so ugly . LOL . :D

 Clarke quay's to9ilet much nicer la ! Haha , Okay , so we walked around , and Chloe suddenly wanted t play pool so called sis t caome play with us and trained back t hougang . LOL ! Wasted our train fare thr la ! <: 
 My Husband (; So cute right ? ;D

 Reached hougang and started playing pool ~! Was my first time playing ! Super fun ! Lots of epic moments . Hahaha ! Chloe's Flying ball power only ! ;D Hehehe . My skills are not bad as a beginner kay ?! ;D

Went home after that ~ Another awesome day yea ? (;

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