Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi Bitch . Here's your dedication la ! I saved yours for th last cause i know it'll b a super long and filled with pictures one ! :D I'm supposed t study for my history tmr but ya , be super honoured okay ! If i fail my hist all your fault la . :P Life's super awesome with you kay . Lots of memories ! Remember those gossiping moments with you . I would tell you bout th ppl in my school and you'll tell me bout yours and we will always b like 'huh ? who lai de , i go home fb ' Hahah , faill , but ya , got t know lots of stories and met new ppl as well . :P Those meetings on tues as well ! Hahaha , every tues whn i tell my friend tt i'll b meeting my friend , thy'll always b like , Chloe ah ? Hahah . Most of my friend knows you . :D Go shopping , slacking , studying , stalking ppl on fb . Memoriesssss ! And ya , almost every single time when i go out with you , we would take lots of photo :3 Or when we go t each other hse . Webcam everytim . Awesome much ! Here are th photos ! I took one from each 'day' . But not all are uploaded . :D
Flea ! :P Rained heavily on tt day . super suay -.- LOL .
Hougang plaza ~ Slackkkk <:
Mall t 'study' Hahahah . :B
Chinese new year ! When we went back t hips and mall after tt <:
Bugisssss ! Right ? Haha .
Bugisssss ~~~
Webcam @ your hse ! <:
When we worked for th first time tgt. And i was super happy when i got my pay . :B
Hehehe , i still kept this . :P

Webcams @ my house ! LOTS of photos . Heh .
Orchard (?) When you still have your straight hair and i have my super curly/ugly/dry hair . Hahahah . :P
Dont kill me when you see all these photos of th past kay ? Hahaha , I look retarded . :C Dont be too touched ! :P I know you love me alot . I love you too . Hahahah . And hor , mai flirt la hor . HAHAHAH . Kidding . Bye bitch . <:

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