Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hey readers ! (: So yup , went out today . Trained t little india with mummy and met May aunty , as sh fetched us t OG thr ~

 I was freaking bored as th adults are buying their stuffs . LOL . Headed t th children's department next ! Saw alot of damn cute stuffs . Haha , how i wish i was still young );

 May aunty headed home first and me and mummy waited for Sis t reach . Sh was freaking long i swear ! We were both pissed while waiting for her . Haha ! (:

 Look @ my mum's sian face . :D

 Ate pepper lunch and ice jelly for my dinner ! 
 LOL , this pic look kindof disgusting :?
 Headed t bugis street next ! Mummy gave us money t shop . Like so good only ! LOL , bought 1 legging and 1 top . Heh , Love it (; Like finally no need t wear th same things again ~! So next t buy is bags and shoes ! :D Gonna SaveSave and Save ! :D

Look @ my super cute lego cam . Hehe . :D

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