Saturday, May 7, 2011

Went to bugis with Chloe yesterday ~ There are like super lil ppl there , Got t shop without sqeezing through ppl . Haha (:  Cant find much chio clothes though . ><

 Trained to Fep next . :3 shopped around , we dint buy anything there . Took photos in th toilet  . :D Hahaha .
There are still some pictures with Chloe . She haven upload yet . ): 

 Was freaking tired after like so many hours of shopping ! >< At least we got to sit down in th mrt . (: 
Went Chloe's house ~ Decided t open a blogshop ! Like finallyyyyy ~ :B Edited our blogshop and took photos of th clothes that Chloe wanted t sell . :) It was fun modeling ! Hahahah . I'm like so excited for our blogshop t b officially open ! Tomorrow Would b th day i guess ! Look forward t it kay ! I promise it wont disappoint you! :D

 Made chocolate eclair with mummy ~ Super nice ! :3
Packed th clothes that's gonna b sold in th blogshop . :D 1 whole box of thm ! :D Hehe , gonna go t Chloe's house tmr again t edit finish our blogshop and study ~ <:  Bye people . :"D

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