Friday, April 22, 2011


Today was fun . (: Went t mall for dinner with dancers . Like so cool only la , one whole big gang of people walk tgt . Hah (: Headed t subway and waited for everyone t come .

Cool right ? Me and Joanne was wearing th same ring just now . Haha , and lots of time right two person would do/say something @ th same time together . Haha , Coooool ~ Dancers (L)

shared a 6 inch sub with YunYu . :D And headed t timezone ~ watched Priscillia played th drum thingy and headed t trained t nex while Joanne trained home . Exchanged some secrets with her during tt time . Heh . :D

More fotos on JingRu's fb i guess ? Once sh uploaded i'll most likely post it here alright ? (:

Only 1 Photo @ Nex . Haha , Ate again at some western restaurant and Dessert @ swesens . (Y) And yea , I'm Home now . :D

Dancerrrs ! Lets have more outings like this next time okay ? I enjoyed my day . :D Love you guys ! (:

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