Friday, February 25, 2011

I Love my ring . LOL . :D
hmm , today , skip t lunch ?
went out tgt with jingyi , glad & kim ,
thy ate their maggie mee while i ate a pizza , its was nice , i guess ? :D
went back t school and stayed in hall for awhile .
Th badminton cheer is like super cute lo . :D
went t pei jingyi do her detention duty for awhile and went t do my dnt with JoyHan .
after tt , went t eat dinner with jingyi &joy .
mall t eat dinner with family after tt .
boring day . :D
going out t celebrate JingRu's bd tmr ?
Been sooo long since i went out with my friends . LOL .
hope t have some fun thr yea ? :D

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