Saturday, May 15, 2010


1pm++ went hougangm wif mummy t eat,
met geraldine first, den go blackoutz(?) buy stuffs :D
went downand waited fr Yiqian,Sherlyn,YueEr,vanessa and zach.
thy damn long canzxc. lawls.
thy came except fr vanessa daxiaojie.,
waited fr her fr damn long den give up.
went t wait fr our bus. pangseh her:D
is lyk already 2?3? ._.
den called her,ask her y sh so long blablabla.
in th end. sh nt coming -.-
off t pasir ris!
decided t go in escape instead of riding bicycle.
bt sherlyn went cycle wif yuer.
played. den went e hub. while we are lyk super wet?! XD
ate super dog.
every1 is lyk so cold kay, haha! (:
den went take 89 back t hougang int.
reached. took 87 t my block thr.
home-sweet-home! :DD
alot of ppl uploading pics nao(:
will upload later(:
after i edited. and picnik is so damn lagginggggg -.-
haix. i tink cant edit here baa.
blablabla, i tink tts it (:

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