Wednesday, May 19, 2010

posting nao.
had dance 2day, was ... -.-
umm, got our leotards and all was soooo, eww. at first,
lawls! but actually still okayokay laa.
i love th shoe ^^
umm, den watched seniors dance awhile.
went out , do some splits and all. i was ouching all th way lo. =.='
LOL. umm. did all th tiaos later. da tiao is th best man :D hehe.
blablabla. tts all.
thanks JINGRU.PEIYJING. & SAUNG fr making dance fun manzxc,
if not horr. i tink i will die in th 4 yrs, (:
back home. abit rush cause sis said tt sh forgot t bring th keys.
bt bt, in th end. th door was lyk not even locked. LOL.!
sh said "you mean lyk i waited here fr 1/2 hour(s) fr nothing?!"
hahahaha! :DD
ate burger > onlined > fb > blogging :D
byes. (:

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