Sunday, May 30, 2010

ccb. dun wan say dun wan la fucker,
is lyk. not onli me rite?
hate me say la,
no nid down thr fake.
cb la.
wad did i do wrong seriosly.
not onli i do tt rite?
den treat me lyk tt.
i always thought tt you're biased t me blablabla.
i try t make you happy whn jie thy all make you angry.
but nao.
it tink i was wrong all along.
thy want their money.
you just nag a lil,
thn pass thm th money,
but me?
you ask me do tis do tt thn can pass it t me.
after i do tt.
you'll ask me t do other things,
if i dont do it,
you say wad. " everytym ask you do smth oso cannot."
eh , is lyk. !
fuck you man.
thy can go whr ever thy wan, me leh?
ask me whr i go,
thn will say wad,
go thr ar?? cannotcannot. v. dirty de,smelly somemore.
dude, i went thr b4 okay, its not lyk you say de lyk tt k.
idiot la,
ihyihyihyihy. IHATEYOUFUCKER.
just do w. you wan do wif me le la.
i seriously give up,
i dw care bout how you feel anymore.
and tts wad you did t me,,
duncare bout my feelings.

life sucks, y am i even here whn every1 treated me lyk i dun have my feelings all those?
i'm stupid,
i'm not loved by any1.

i sucked @ everything.
yes, w. w.

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